The Lucy Locket Show

THE LUCY LOCKET SHOW – An inspiring Australian mini-musical by Jodie Eva Cook

Lucy Locket is a talented young girl with three very big problems! She doesn’t know why kids are mean to her, she doesn’t know why she’s different and she doesn’t know where she belongs!

Join Lucy on a fun-filled journey travelling from Oodnadatta to London in search of the answers.

  1. Shine
  2. I Will Fly
  3. Do What You Love
  4. The Auction
  5. Pebbles Procession Music – The Lucy Locket Show
  6. The Grand Ole Circus – Lucy Locket Show
  7. Equestrian Comedy Music -The Lucy Locket Show
  8. The Flea Circus – Lucy Locket Show

Meet Pebbles Rock, the mega pop star and be a part of her famous silent disco.Visit the Rock On Performing Arts Academy and be a guest at the Grand Ole Circus. See a play within a play at the Golden Gate Theatre and be amazed at the very hilarious Flea Circus performed at the Oodnadatta Talent Quest!

*Easy to read script with inspiring themes
*Four super fun theatrical songs with backing tracks and all learning material provided
*Fantastic opportunities for a variety of fun roles suited to all ages!


Contact Jodie for The Lucy Locket Show script and production rights.