Speak Up!

Speak Up! by Jodie Eva Cook

Speak Up! is published by Australian Plays Transform and can be purchased online at https://apt.org.au/script/ASC-2092

Kevin won’t talk. To anyone. Bullied, alone and scared he spends his weekend hiding out and sleeping in a cardboard box, hoping that somehow, his biggest nightmare, being bullied, will go away.

When Kevin refuses to go to school on Monday, his Mum flips her lid! Enter a friendly school visitor who discovers Kevin’s magic drawing board and an ex-bully who tells Kevin the secret he needs to know.

Filled with magic, theatre, surprises and innovation, Speak Up! takes children on a magical journey as they learn from Kevin and his friends how to deal with bullying.

Jodie has toured Speak Up! extensively throughout Queensland performing to thousands of wonderful children.